Zent is a male companion.


The man with steely blue eyes fights with sword and powerful magic spells. Zent is not your typical warrior but with the proper use of his Spellblade abilities he can destroy waves of enemies.

Zent is balanced for high damage in the later stages of a combat encounter and has some voyeuristic tendencies.


Zent can have sexual interactions with a Fem PC. The first act occurs when the PC goes swimming behind the castle. This has a chance to trigger a scene. A followup scene occurs when the PC and Zent decide to indulge themselves further.


When Zent was just a boy he was recruited in to the Spellblades, an elite group of warriors in Summeredge. There he learned the sword and how to command the magic running through his veins. When the orc invasion occurred the Spellblades did what they could to fight off the invaders but the orcs were many and the elite warriors few. Zent is one of the few remaining Spellblades who managed to survive the invasion. When he finds out the Player is in the city he wastes no time hatching a plan to rid the city of Nyro and eliminate the orc threat.