Talk to the woman running the Magic Fabric shop in Oakshire. You must look at her wears even if you don't buy anything to trigger the quest. When you leave she will offer you a small job.

Reject Quest:

Accept Quest:

  • Talk to little girl in north city square
  • Nun north west corner of north city square
  • Old man in alley between north and south sections
  • Old woman by crystal - south east corner
  • Woman outside blacksmith - south west corner outside the blacksmith building
  • Inn - Waitress - woman w/ brown hair in middle of room
  • Inn - Drunk - Blue bandanna, middle of room


  • +3 Morality
  • +2 Meredith Affection
  • -2 Meredith Corruption


  • -3 Morality
  • -2 Meredith Affection
  • 2 Meredith Corruption
Gender Version Choice Outcome
Female v9.4 No reward necessary

Slander - +?Corruption