Veralia is the capitol city of the Preleks. When the PC arrives they find a group of humans and orcs loyal to Murkhal trying to resurrect an ancient evil. The PC must work fast with the spiritual healer Gajah to save the Preleks as Murkhal tries to release a great terror upon the world.


  • Gajah's House
  • House with the Broken Star
  • House of Itelaci Nokipan
  • The Shipwreck Tavern


Not much is known about the mysterious capitol of the Prelek people. Veralia and much of Prelek race have only returned to the attention of the world. There are some signs that suggest Veralia itself rose up from the ocean but this has not been confirmed by any scholars. What is known is that the Preleks are a people who venerate freedom and diplomacy. Unfortunately this has led to a growth in criminal elements along with the loss of young Preleks who seek their fortune elsewhere once they are old enough to catch a ride on a trade vessel.