Succubus is a female demoness companion.


The Demoness can be acquired after journeying to the Warlock's Tower located north of Oakshire and resolving the situation there.

No one knows her true name but everyone knows of her beauty and her skills. The Demoness makes good use of her assets to both heal her allies and distract her enemies. She is not meant to be a front line fighter but she can nonetheless add a unique flair to any party combination.

The Demoness primarily banters with Meredith, and you can talk to her about your progress in corrupting your party members giving you and idea as to where the corruption thresholds are for new behaviors.


She can be romanced by characters of either gender.

Playing the game with her as your moral guide won't steer you wrong in most instances.


Very little is known of the Demoness before she met the player. It is likely that she was either a mortal who made a pact with a demon and became the creature she is today, or perhaps she was born into one of the demon realms. She doesn't reveal much even to her companions but she still enjoys the pursuit of carnal pleasures.

What is know is that she was sent into the world 5 years in advance in order to guide the PC.

In the final victory celebration the player can get her true name which is Malaliel.