Ruksana is a female companion.


She can be picked up in the Orc camp northwest of Slinsk and can be Recruited even before you step foot into the port town. Ruksana primarily has banter with Clawyn.


Low corruption- Ruksana is a proud Orc and dedicated to helping her clan as well as helping others who need it. She smiles at the sight of both strength and compassion, and is always willing to help free those who are enslaved to another. She also enjoys destroying vile dark magic and its practitioners whenever they meet.

Romancing - The camp sex scene can be triggered by either gender with 7 affection.

Corrupting- Destroying practitioners of dark magic is one of Ruksana favorite things to do, but at the same time she can not deny how useful such magics are. Having her willing gather such dark power will corrupt her judgement. Ruksana pride is also one of her greatest strength, but if she is forced to set it aside 'in the name of peace' or 'for the greater good of her tribe', such acts will change her.

High Corruption - A high corruption, Ruksana changes from a proud orc willing to say her mind and fight against cruelty, into a bloodthirsty servant who quietly waits in the corner until her 'master' needs her. She becomes willing to accept dark act required to get the job done.

Events Edit

  • Her first companion event will be prompted after the main quest for Summeredge
    • This quest requires Orkah's Axe, Gorzah's Staff, and some Horse Jizz
      Where to click enter for the axe
      • Orkah's Axe is found by purchasing a map from the Inkeeper in Novos, the location is outside of Novos in the western area.
      • Gorzah's staff is found at Summeredge College, talk with the man at the front desk.
      • Horse Jizz obtained north of Ly'ras , interact with wild horse.

Notes Edit

  • Ruksana has a kink for taking the submissive role in a BDSM relationship, as long as it is by her choice
  • Once you are in Castle Whitemoon you can tell she has a companion event when she is standing still