Quest Location Trigger
Home Oakshire The Guardian
In the Beginning Oakshire Linea
Sacred Places Oakshire Paladin
An Answer Oakshire Main Quest
Cautionary Tales Oakshire Townswoman
Family Heirlooms Slinsk Elizabeth
Betrayal Oakshire Strange Old Man
The Slaves The deep woods Main Quest
Fire and Regeneration The deep woods Anariel
The Weapons The Stone Islands Main Quest
A Confusing Thought Novos Collena
A Desperate Plea Summeredge Sandra
Their Intelligence Ornesse Main Quest
An Impossible Task Ornesse Nexilim Merchant
Undercover Summeredge Royal Agent
Lost and Found Ornesse Mystic
Deception Ornesse Barmaid
An Unknown World Laroavia Gajah
Desire Player Camp Tishtrya
Ritual Player Camp Ruksana
Descendants Ornesse Matriarch Tevararae
The Red House The Stone Islands Rosie
Dungeon Ornesse

Sub Quests Edit

Sub Quests are minor quests you can get from random NPCs that do not result in a entry under the Quests menu. It is possible these quests will eventually be pulled into the menu as the game is developed.

Quest Name Location Trigger
Magic Fabric Vendor Quest Oakshire

Magic Fabric Vendor Quest Edit

Talk to the woman running the Magic Fabric shop in Oakshire. You must look at her wears even if you don't buy anything to trigger the quest. When you leave she will offer you a small job.

Reject Quest:

Accept Quest:

  • Talk to little girl in north city square
  • Nun north west corner of north city square
  • Old man in alley between north and south sections
  • Old woman by crystal - south east corner
  • Woman outside blacksmith - south west corner outside the blacksmith building
  • Inn - Waitress - woman w/ brown hair in middle of room
  • Inn - Drunk - Blue bandanna, middle of room


  • +3 Morality
  • +2 Meredith Affection
  • -2 Meredith Corruption


  • -3 Morality
  • -2 Meredith Affection
  • 2 Meredith Corruption
Gender Version Choice Outcome
Female v9.4 No reward necessary

Slander - +?Corruption

Nun Rescue Edit

Save the nun from wolves east of Oakshire.


  • +1 Morality
  • 100 gold

Tablet of Galindros Edit

A tablet was stolen from the barn / temple east of Oakshire. The bandit who took it can be found outside the Warlock's Tower, north of Oakshire.


  • 150 gold

Origins Edit

Quest Name Location Trigger
Castle Whitemoon Quest Castle Whitemoon Meet messenger in Oakshire

Castle Whitemoon Quest Edit

Talk to the messenger who appears in Oakshire when you start the An Answer quest. Facis awaits you in Castle Whitemoon.

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