The player can start as Male or Female gender in any one of the five available Origins stories. 

Origins StoriesEdit

The game starts with a choice between a nameable male or female protagonist, and one of five origins stories. Each origin story offers some unique dialog, quests, and effect which NPCs can be encountered, but doesn't affect the game in an immense way; however, this does give you some freedom in giving the protagonist a semblance of characterization.

Each origin include a flavor story at the beginning of the game, which you can choose to play through or skip. If you skip origin, you automatically start in Oakshire with Meredith as companion with her and you both at level 3.

List of Origins
  • Notable NPCs: Mother, Father, and younger siblings.
  • Starting Bonus: Toughness (Perk), chance to get Father's Sword during Origin
  • Notable NPCs: Patch.
  • Starting Bonus: Explorer (Perk), chance to get Thief's Dagger during Origin
  • Notable NPCs: Father, Mother, Facis.
  • Starting Bonus: Empathy (Perk), chance to get Rapier during Origin
  • Notable NPCs: Beatrice
  • Starting Bonus: Templar(Starting Class), chance to get Greatsword during Origin
  • Notable NPCs: Alexandra.
  • Starting Bonus: Strong Back (Perk), chance to get Short Sword (v2.2; has the same name with starting equipments but different ATK bonus) during Origin


Each player starts with an origin related Perk, and gains additional perks at level five, then five levels after that, etc. Perks can also be gained through quests (citation/example needed on what perks are gained through questing...?).

List of Perks
  • Empathy - Your charm opens up new possibilities in conversations.
  • Explorer - As an attentive person you may discover secrets which are hidden to others. You are also able to lock pick doors.
  • Finesse - Grants you a huge bonus on your ATK and MAT.
  • Strong back - Grants you the ability to wear heavy armor regardless of your class.
  • Toughness - Grants you a huge bonus your health points and Defence
  • Fleet of Feet - Your nimbleness gives you a bonus to agility.
  • Leader - Grants [Protagonist] 30% XP Bonus.
  • Ninja - Grants 10% chance to counter attack.
  • Golden Nose - Doubles the gold you gain through fights.


Your starting class is affected by your origin. Then throughout the game, you'll find different quests that will unlock a class and change your current class. Every class has its own benefits and its set of combat abilities. Outside of combat you can switch classes from the Menu, but while auto battle is on your character can use abilities from any classes that support your current weapon(s) (as of v2.2.)

Note: While on these quest, you have the option of turning down the class as a reward. This loses you the class forever. Make sure you never want to be the class you are turning down as there is no way to restore it without starting the game over.

List of classes
  • Description: A guardian is a brave a warrior who will stand behind his shield no matter what.
  • Unlock: The Guardian can be unlocked from a quest involving Dwarf Guardian and some Ale. It starts at Oakshire, smithy.
  • Abilities: uses heavy armor, and shields; Skills: Provoke, Cover, and minor healing
  • Description:
  • Unlock: The Ranger can be unlocked from a quest involving retrieving a bow for Linea in Oakshire Forest, directly north of Oakshire. Quest
  • Abilities: Uses bows to unlock its offensive skills
  • Description:
  • Unlock: Oakshire
  • Abilities: similar to Guardian but unable to use unholy equipments; taunts with HP regen, healing
  • Description: You trained your whole life to become a Templar. An honorable member of the church.
  • Unlock: Templar Origin
  • Abilities: equipments similar to Swashbuckler; anti-magic skills and debuffing
  • Description:
  • Unlock: Oakshire
  • Abilities: spell-casting
  • Description:
  • Unlock: Novos Surroundings.
  • Abilities: can use dual swords if you do it hits twice.
  • Description:
  • Unlock: Slinsk
  • Abilities: spell-casting, mainly debuffs and HP-MP manipulation
  • Description:
  • Unlock: Ornesse
  • Abilities: spell-casting, mainly healing and defensive
  • Description: fanatic protector of the Church
  • Unlock: Summersedge Church (Speak to the Shadowy Nun and agree to torture the guy)
  • Abilities: equipments are identical to Paladin; taunts with max HP bonus, buff removal, healing
  • Description:
  • Unlock: Noble Origin
  • Abilities: wields any one-handed sword, offensive abilities with some recovery and defense
  • Description:
  • Unlock: Felicia in Castle Whitemoon
  • Abilities: Dual wields, balanced offensive and defensive techniques
  • Skills:
    • Parry (35TP) — “100% Physical counter chance for the next round.”
    • En Garde (35TP, 2AP) — “25% increased critical hit chance for all allies for two rounds.”
    • Devious Blade (75TP) — “Deals heavy damage against two random targets and reduces their physical defense for three rounds.”
    • Daring Advance (35MP, 25TP) — “All allies receive a 15% physical and magical evasion buff for three rounds.”
    • Viscerate (45TP) — “Deals massive damage against one target with a small chance to paralyze them. Requires one round to charge.”
  • Description:
  • Unlock: Felicia in Castle Whitemoon
  • Abilities: Dual wields, uses evasion and critical strike techniques
  • Skills:
    • Hide in the Shadows (10TP) — “Become Stealthy making it harder for enemies to target, gaining a bonus to crit and attack, and unlocking stealth skills.”
    • Smoke Bomb (35TP) — “Throw a ball with powder at the enemies, blinding them as it explodes.”
    • Envenom (25TP) — “Cover your weapons in poison, allowing them to poison your enemies.”
  • Description:
  • Unlock: Felicia in Castle Whitemoon
  • Abilities: knife wielder, supports with powerful buffs and enemy stun