Origin story and specifics for a Noble protagonist. Starting Bonus: Empathy perk.

Background Edit

"The dawn rises on another day. Yours is a life of opulence and excess, the child of a wealthy noble lord and his wife. Your days are filled with a leisure the likes of the common folk will never understand, with an education that is the envy of many of the scholars across adorevia. It is, of course, all preparation for the day when your father passes on his title and land to you, and you step into the ranks of the continent's elite. For now, however, you are carefree and wistful, knowing nothing of struggle and strife."
Starts with Empathy - your charm opens up new possibilities in conversations.

Details Edit

At the start of the game you are separated from your father and flee with the 'combat butler' Facis. After several encounters you meet up with your mother and arrive at Oakshire. Your father sends you a message in a dream and Meredith chooses to accompany you on the main quest - An Answer. (+1 Meredith Affection for calling her pretty at this point)

Castle Whitemoon and Facis await you in an unnamed(?) subquest(?) as you head towards the inn in oakshire.

Noble Origin Stats

  • Level: 1
  • HP: 505
  • MP: 90
  • Physical Attack Power: 137
  • Physical Defense: 20
  • Magic Attack Power: 16
  • Magic Defense: 16
  • Agility: 32
  • Perception: 32