If the guide refers to North, South, East, or West it means going to a new area in that direction. If it uses Left, Right, Up, or Down it is referring to in that map area.

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# Participants location Details
1 PC, Ruksana Slinsk, Orc Camp, North once you are out of cave Meet Ruksana at her Orc camp. Agree to stay the night with her.
2 PC, Clawyn Castle Have some affection(5+) with Clawyn, she will ask you when you enter the Castle.
3 PC, Camilla Oakshire, Guard Tower ActI, Sex with sex-craze guard girl: Head north from Oakshire then continue west, follow the path until you reach the tower in upper left corner of the map. Go up the ladder and talk to the lonely soldier.
4 PC, Meredith Castle, your room Some affection (8-10).
5 PC, Cassandra Oakshire, Magic Shop ActI, Sex with magic shop keeper: Help Cassandra spread a positive word about her shop. Visit her shop after completing the quest and choose the just browsing option.
6 PC, Virgin Priestess Elven Outpost, West from the main area Save her brother, buy some anal lube from the orcs.
7 PC, Elizabeth Slinsk, House to the right of Inn Help her with her special “case”. Make sure to open the box up.
8 PC, Goddess Oakshire, Warlock's Tower ActI, Sex with goddess: Do the paladin Sacred Places quest, follow the path on the map item, to the clearing in the lower right area. Agree to cleanse the corruption with sex.
9 PC, Ruksana, Ruksana's Oncle Deep Woods, Orc Cave Entrance Find Oncle by his cart and let Ruksana go with him. Get impatient and go inside to search for Ruksana.
10 Meredith, Old Man Oakshire, Oakshire's Inn Force her or convince her to sleep with the old man for the amulet.
11 PC, Slavegirl Deep Woods, Orc Cave Become WRATH in the orc cave and refuse to free the Slavegirl. Get to revisit that cave over and over again.
12 Rulwe, Succubus Castle, Cave in Jail Talk to Rulwe, then Succubus, she will invite you to watch.
13 PC, Meredith, Galhart Random Tavern Gain affection with both characters, have them in the party and go to a tavern and talk to Galhart.
14 PC, Farmland Witch Summeredge, Farmland Get quest line from Sandra at Summeredge Inn, Choose to get the witch and then choose to use her.
15 PC, Rosie Novos, Go East twice from the entrance House with Red tiles. Follow quest line and it will unlock.
16 PC, Succubus, Nuns Oakshire, Church ActI, Rape nuns: Start the Paladin quest with the Succubus in your party. Succubus will offer an alternative to becoming a Paladin take the offer.
17 PC, Wolfgirl Slinsk, Crypt Rape her after fight in the crypts of Slinks.
18 Erika, Plant Deep Woods, Deep Forest, West from Elven Outpost She is a bit inside area, plant is on the upper edge. Let plant do its thing.
19 PC, Azureleia Novos, West from entrance Help Azureleia out without stealing from her missing bag.
20 PC, Queen Alistia Deep Woods, Elven Forest(East from town upper route), will be in the far upper right corner Agree to escort her and then she will ask for a drink at some point. Give her the “special” one.
21 Ruksana OR Meredith Summeredge, Slums After Summeredge finale go to slums to the East of the middle of town. Follow instructions. Ruksana enjoys it more, Meredith gets corruption.
22 PC, Tishtrya, Clawyn Ornesse, Inn Have affection with both participants, then go to Ornesse Inn.

Put Tishtrya and Clawyn in your party before entering the Inn, then talk to both of them, or skip to Clawyn only. And it should trigger.

23 PC, Succubi Castle, Cave in Jail Gain affection with her, go to cave, she will say she wants you.
24 PC, Meredith Random Inn Sleep in a Inn with more affection than in scene 4. Don't say it was a one time thing.
25 PC, Tishtrya Castle, in her tent Solve her shrine quest.
26 PC, Arozi Laveria, East from the big building in town Solve her quest and agree to go with her.
27 [BUGGED?] PC, Meredith Castle, Your room. Says only need Higher Affection than in Scene 24. (Note: 6/15/16 I used Cheat Engine to modify Meredith's Corruption and Affection to 200 values and while this may be extreme, I got the scene to trigger. Unsure what actual values are required.)
28 Ruksana, Horse Deep Woods, Elven Forest(East from town top route), On the upper side Will need to get her personal quest. Axe is West of Novos entrance, Far left side under a group of four trees with rock in middle. Will need to get treasure map from Novos Inn Owner. Staff is in Summeredge College Dungeon, BEWARE going in. Find the horse in Deep woods and choose to watch her ritual.
29 Tishtrya, Bathhouse girls Deep Woods, Bathhouse Requires affection. Tishtrya will give quest. Succubus will make potion. Get Phellum Moss from the Goddess grove at Warlock's Tower, Red Flower. Mandrake root can be found on Laroavia in the first area you sail into about midway down on the upper side, four white flowers grouped.
30 Rulwe, Twilia Summeredge, College Help her with her studies, book is in lower right corner cabinets, and watch Rulwe react to her.
31 PC, Clawyn Castle, Tent outside High affection(Got with about 8-12), gotten Scene 2. Go to room, sleep. Follow the shadow, enjoy.
32 PC, Princess Rina Xas, Palace Go to Xas, go in door on right. Come out. Retrieve all the items from various shops. She will be in the castle waiting. Black Mail Her Version Anal & Vaginal (Either Unlock This OR #37)
33  ???
34 PC, Nexillim Matriarch Ornesse, Church Find and return her daughter. (Go East of the Church in Ornesse and then North, Empathy makes this easier)
35 PC, Naga Laroavia, Grotto Hard to miss, just make sure to go all the way right when heading to the temple in Laroavia.
36 Erika, Nexillims Ornesse, Sex Shop Only possible after event 18. Go to Tavern for flyer. Then sex shop and talk to the owner.
37 PC, Princess RinaXas, Palace Go to Xas, go in door on right. Come out. Retrieve all the items from various shops. She will be in the castle waiting. Agree To Her Terms Version Vaginal Only (Either Unlock This OR #32)
38 PC, Ruksana, Tishtrya Castle, Tent out front Affection with both, make sure to check the tent in front every time you come back to the castle.
39 Barn Nun, Bull Oakshire, Farm Act I, G'Linda gets fucked by Bull. Receive quest to get tablet, leave area and come back BEFORE getting the tablet. The Farm is found south from Meredith's family apothecary, then North.
40 Mayla, Cerberus Unknown Location This scene will play out automatically as you complete the ACT 2 questline.
41 Elf Guard, Female Half-Orc Xas, Right from the Palace with the huge crowd Will not trigger unless Ruksana is in your party. Choose to let the Elf continue to unlock scene. [Note: 03.June.2016, can choose to stop him, and still get the scene it appears.]
42 PC, Wolfgirl Slinsk, Orc Camp Act 2, talk to Irvok to get Orc quest. Go left after initial battle with orcs and free her. When you leave investigate the noise.
43 PC, Flowers of Geli Island, Tower Act 2, When you assault the tower make sure to rescue them from the cages above the last boss. Say yes when you meet them on your way out.
44 PC, Female guest Summeredge, Club Summer Heat After Summeredge finale, go to shops then keep going right to Arena. Get red letter. Go to the clothing/magic store. Once “in” go far right and she will be on the top left of the room. (Scene is different if Noble Origin).
45  ???
46 Ruksana, Hippogriff Deep Woods Deep Forest(Top East exit from town), Orc Hunter encampment, Far left on the upper side look right above where the water stops: Ruksana needs to have either -3 corruption to unlock this scene.
47 PC, General Titania Summeredge, Barracks After solving her quest make sure to demand a thank you from her. Then slap her.
48 PC, Succubus, two dick wielding companions(your choice) Castle, Cave in Jail Act 2?, Go see the Succubus and she will ask for a favor, follow instructions.
49 Meredith, Demon Sisters Castle, Cave in Jail Act 2, Go see the Succubus as soon as you can. Follow dialougue.
50 PC, Tishtrya Castle, Bathhouse Act 2, She will be sitting in the bathhouse main pool in the center. Must have gotten scene 25.
51 PC, Eyilas Unknown Location Follow Act 2 storyline. Not sure if you need to flatter her or not in previous interactions.
52 PC, Elrsamora Novos, Inn Find her East of the Entrance to Novos and North at first junction. Follow quest line and accept her teaching. Forest path is East, North, East.
53 PC, Otherworld “Demon”

(Beatrice if templar origin)

Castle, Inside Portal(Stairs to the left of the Cave in Jail) Get module 1 from elf graveyard dungeon (Far right from Queen Alistia), Module 2 from Ornesse dungeon above church. Insert modules and then go through portal and go all the way down and right until you have to take shelter.
54 PC, Shagara Castle, your room Act 3, she will be a visitor at the castle and she will challenge you to a duel. Beat her and accept her offers.
55 PC, Erika Castle, your room After scene 36, quest for a bit (Number needed unknown), Come back and recruit Erika as Botanist or Slave. Go visit her in cabin in the back of Castle(if Botanist) or in living area East of Throne, first door(if Slave).
56 Nissa, Clesola Ornesse, Inn Nissa is standing outside the Inn. Solve her quest successfully and then go to the door at the back of the Inn on the right to see the scene.
57 PC, Renda Cinkahn, her house Act 3, After saving her say yes.
58 PC, Calanthe Ornesse, From town go North twice Area is bugged often so getting the scene may prove difficult. But once you get into the area she should be right there and the scene should basically auto trigger.
59 PC, Ruksana, Meredith Castle, your room Get Scene 4. (I Had 13Aff \w M & 12Aff \w R). Go back to castle and enter your room. They will be waiting.
- Meredith, Demon Sister (Second Interaction) Castle, Cabin out back Need to have gotten scene 49 and then just go check back there after awhile.
- PC, Seren Castle, Your room Seren will be in the upper hall in the middle of the hallway when you take her in. Help her out and later you will find her in front of your door. Agree to take her to Xas, Streets: Defend her, Shops: Get the music box turnkey in the trash bottom right, Wander: Let her keep the cat. She will appreciate the great date. You need to sleep in your bed afterwards to trigger the scene.
- PC, Carys Castle, Living area, First door East from the Throne Once you have enough affection with her ask her about her “Extra limb” then ask to see it.
- PC, Ruksana Castle, Interrogation Room Act 2, have affection and some corruption on her she will be waiting in the room for you. Choose the whip.
- Succubus, Waitress Castle, Inn Go up and talk to her, look at her.
- PC(Farm Origin:Variant 1), Mother Slinsk, Her house(Two story house to the right of the stables) Find out about her job by going to the second floor and opening the box. Then go to tavern and ask about Adime. Tell her you will take care of her if she services you. When you talk to her will will have three options, BJ, Vaginal, Anal. You can only do one at a time before needing to go away and quest a bit until you do each once. Then you can use her over and over and over.
- PC (Farm Origin:Variant 2), Mother Slinsk, Her house(Two story house to the right of the stables)

Find out about her job by going to the second floor and opening the box. Then go to tavern and ask about Adime. Tell her to stop whoring herself out. In Act 2 go talk to her again and follow the dialogue, if you choose wisely you can convince her to have sex with you instead of going back to the Brothel.

The scens are chosen at random so sometimes you can get to anal request by her one after another or sometimes a blowjob and then a doggiestyle pussy fuck.

- PC, Dragon Lady Cinkahn, Castle to the West of the Inn Once in look at the floor on the first level. Memorize the pattern and go to the second floor and enter in the code with the pattern. Free the Lady, then demand a reward.
Meredith, exotic plant Cinkahn, the garden east of the bandit cave With Meredith in party, speak to the old man tending to the plants, and the old man and Meredith will talk about the plants. Come back to the area later, and whether she's in your party or not you'll find her engaged with a plant.
- PC, Kistya Deep Woods Take the Bounty Guild job (Act II) to catch her, then accept her offer of sex for her freedom. 
- Calanthe, Zehra, & Zakiya Ornesse Calanthe will be outside of Inn, asks if PC knows of a quite place to sleep. Go to house where you first help Tishtrya talk to Zehra ask for favor, then go upstairs to tent.
- PC, Flowers of Geli, optionally Roderick Flower Island, from Slinsk Returning to Slinsk after visiting Yakotin, Kirla will be arguing with a merchant. If you help her and accept her invitation to her beach home, the Flowers will invite you to impregnate them again, and you may permit Roderick to join also.
- PC, Ellinor, & Lady Henja Yakotin, Radiant Palace In the Radiant Palace's bar, agree to Ellinor's favor. Lady Henja offers vag or anal variants
- PC, Raciela Yokotin, Aura's Dojo Agree to Aura's task, and when Raciela bargains with you, say it sounds like fun. 
SIlver, living armor Yakotin, 2nd Mages Guild job After completing mission, Silver is molested by armor she aquired from the House of Green Arches. Remain with her.