Overview Edit

Laroavia is home of the Prelek people. Descended from magical fish the Prelek people are generally led by elders and have a strong sense of community. They refer to themselves in the third person and are skilled in swimming, magic, diplomacy and other traditions. During the time when MC arrives at Laroavia the region is mostly at peace with Elarewyth and other nearby countries. Veralia is the capitol city of the Preleks. When the MC arrives they find a group of humans and orcs loyal to Murkhal trying to resurrect an ancient evil. The MC must work fast with the spiritual healer Gajah to save the Preleks as Murkhal tries to release a great terror upon the world.Not much is known about the mysterious capitol of the Prelek people. Veralia and much of Prelek race have only returned to the attention of the world. There are some signs that suggest Veralia itself rose up from the ocean but this has not been confirmed by any scholars. What is known is that the Preleks are a people who venerate freedom and diplomacy. Unfortunately this has led to a growth in criminal elements along with the loss of young Preleks who seek their fortune elsewhere once they are old enough to catch a ride on a trade vessel.

Places of InterestEdit

Town Edit

  • Travel Crystal
  • Chief Tamasek's House
  • After completing all the below task , go to ur item menu-quest items click on the "note of zolmoxis" make one of your character to read it then one quest will be complete .
  • go to Gajahs house , he will standing near the window.
  • Then go to the chief tamasek's house.
    • Only accessible right before the bos fight
  • Gajah's House
    • Just a house with a lot of books and other magical stuff

East of Town Edit

  • Large House
    • Arozi is here with a quest for you
    • After you finish her quest you can fuck her
  • Shipwreck Tavern
    • Nothing is sold here and no one will talk to you here except for rivio which is for arozi's quest

North of Town Edit

  • Minotaur Cave
    • Either kill him outright or talk to him
  • Enemy Camp
    • Enmies here
    • Some enemies have a different uniform here after talking to the naga, just kill them and return to her
  • Ruins
    • Come here and defeat the enemies in this area in order to continue the story
  • Naga
    • This creature just wants to have sex and then maybe give you a quest
    • If you help the naga and Ruksana is in your party she will lose affection