Overview Edit

Erika is a botanist.

Recruitment Edit

She can be found in the Deep Forest north of the virgin priestess, she is in a tent close to the center of the area and she is looking for a plant located just north of her camp. here you are given to options:

  • Help her
  • See what happens

Helping her will make her thank you and you will not see her again.

Seeing what happens gives you a nice scene where her breasts will be enlarged and the plant will rape her. she will enjoy this and will thank you for helping her find the plant; she will then leave and you will not see her until you go to Ornesse.

Upon reaching Ornesse you will go to the inn and a Nexillim will give you a pamphlet so now you can go to the opposite side of the area and get to the second floor. talk to the Nexillim behind the counter and inquire about the "Golden Girl," talk to some patrons and a scene will trigger where Erika will appear and will be peed on. you can talk to her after the scene and after a few quests the second floor will be empty and now you can talk to reka again: you are now presented with 2 options again:

  • Make her your botanist
  • Make her your slave

Making her your botanist will allow her to continue her research and replenish your potions.

I still don't know what making her your slave will do.

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